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We will be editing our new film about Saint Bernadette Soubirous over the next few months and hope to have it released on DVD by the end of 2016. It will be available in all region formats from:


For this production we were able to recreate some contemplative footage of Saint Bernadette to represent key moments of her life. These were filmed in the wild meadows and fields of Sussex especially around the largs and forests near West Grinstead. Saint Bernadette’s life remains a beautiful example of simplicity and prayer. Many quotes from the Saint are included in our film. The DVD will be available from both of our online shops – we ship worldwide, especially to the USA with a time frame of  seven to ten days from purchase to delivery. Many of our films have been broadcast on EWTN. Our films offer a prayerful and informative journey with the Saints. Check back regularly for updates and DVD releases.

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