Making props for our WWII era Saints

Making a ‘Kapo’ armband for ‘Bloody’ Krott

Getting ready to film for 'Saint Robert Southwell'

Out amongst the local dog walkers

In the Blessed Sacrament Chapel

Here you can see a variety of photographs and screenshots from our many films about the lives of the Saints. We enjoy recreating the silent and prayerful portrayals of the Saints. We build our own sets and make our own props and some of the costumes are hand sewn or made by our friends and family.


In the photograph to the left you will see a small selection of materials that were used to recreate props for our films about Saint Maximilian Kolbe, Saint Edith Stein and Blessed Titus Brandsma.



On the left you will see the making of part of a costume to portray ‘Blood’ Krott in the life of Saint Maximilian Kolbe.



Here you can see some of us getting ready for the day’s filming of ‘Saint Robert Southwell’ and ‘Saint John Houghton in July 2015



We often go out among the locals filming external scenes. This is a great was to meet people who are interested in what we are doing so that we can explain about the Saints.



We sometimes film scenes in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel of our church. Here we are filming some scenes for Saint Edith Stein.

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