MARY TUDOR, new DVD release, ‘Mary Tudor’ available now worldwide

Mary Tudor, Mary I of England, (known in history as ‘Bloody Mary’ due to the reinstatement of the ancient Heresy Laws of England that saw burning as the punishment for persistent heresy within the realm), tells the fascinating and tragic story of her life in this new film from Mary’s Dowry Productions, available on DVD now.

Mary Tudor was the daughter of King Henry VIII and Queen Katherine of Aragon. The Princess Mary was well educated, intelligent and bright, groomed from a little girl to be the rightful heir to the throne of England. When her father sought to have his marriage to her mother annulled, Mary suffered greatly as she witnessed the persecution of her mother followed by the destruction and persecution of the faith and heritage of England. Her life was filled with suffering, persecution, loneliness and trauma as she was sent into obscurity and branded illegitimate, yet she found solace in music, reading, prayer and study and remained loyal to the realm and the faith of her ancestors.

After King Henry VIII’s death and the short reign of King Edward and the Regents, Princess Mary rode triumphantly into London with her half sister, Elizabeth, to claim her rightful crown. She spent the following four years working with the British government, Cardinal Reginald Pole and the English people upon matters of commerce, industry, currency reforms, forward thinking, explorations, new forms of taxation, music, art and more as they sought to recover the splendour of England. Since the country was infested with heresy and the elites who had ruled in the name of King Edward were reluctant to relinquish their power, Parliament reinstated the ancient heresy laws which approved of the usual practice of burnings as the form of execution for persistent offenders.

Heretics had been burned as a matter of routine during the reign of King Henry VIII, with extreme Protestants also burned during the reign of King Edward and the Regents, often presided over by leading figures such as Cranmer, Latimer and Ridley. Queen Elizabeth I would burn Anabaptists at the stake during her reign but her preferred method of religious execution was for priests, recusant Catholics and religious to be hanged, drawn and quartered, especially at the triple Tyburn gallows in London. Queen Mary I however approved of the reestablishment of the Heresy Acts and persistent heretics in England during her reign were burned under the law. It would be after her death that protestant figures such as John Fox would use this period in her reign to defame Queen Mary Tudor with the title ‘Bloody Mary’, especially in the protestant rulers desires to regain power over England through religion as well as state.  This much maligned Queen of England is now only remembered for her title ‘Bloody Mary’, yet during her reign she was greatly loved by the English people and helped achieve many material and spiritual advances for the nation of England.

Our NEW DVD ‘Mary Tudor’, looks at the life and reign of Queen Mary I of England, with some new haunting and absorbing imagery of Queen Mary filmed on location at Bedham Missionary Church and Racton ruins in West Sussex, capturing the mood and impression of the ruin and destruction of England which this monarch inherited and sought to salvage.

‘Mary Tudor’ is available on DVD worldwide through our online shops and AMAZON UK in all region formats, worldwide:

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