Saint Bernadette of Lourdes filming day – photographs and quotes from the Saint – DVDs on the lives of the Saints

In July this year we were out and about the wild and rustic fields and meadows of Sussex, filming visuals for several new films that we are working on to tell the lives of the Saints in a prayerful and spiritual encounter through DVD. The films will be available from our online shops, keep an eye out for the release of our film ‘Saint Bernadette of Lourdes’ : and

Our film about Saint Bernadette looks especially at her love of, and devotion to, the Holy Rosary, which was a constant part of her life. Saint Bernadette is most famous for her connection with Lourdes. In our film we look at the eighteen apparitions of Our Lady as well as key moments in the life of Saint Bernadette. We filmed a selection of visuals of Saint Bernadette which will, as usual, run beneath a narrative in our film. Saint Bernadette has left us some beautiful and inspiring thoughts and especially a powerful example of simplicity, prayer and devotion.

Here are some of Bernadette’s thoughts and reflections taken from her notebook:

“O Jesus, You Who were forsaken have become the refuge of forsaken souls. Your love teaches me that I must gain the strength I need to endure being abandoned by seeing how You were abandoned. I am persuaded that the most terrible abandonment I could experience would be to have no part in Yours. By Your Death, You gave me life; You delivered me from the suffering I deserved by suffering in my place. Because of what You endured on the Cross, our Heavenly Father will not desert me. He is never closer to me through His Mercy that when I am most united with You in Your abandonment.”

“A righteous person is a victim and his life a continual sacrifice. For love of Jesus, I will fight against my own desires even in the most insignificant matters.”

“The Christian life does indeed mean battles and trials, but it also means consolations. And though I must leave Tabor and climb to Calvary, one day I will leave Calvary with Jesus and return to Tabor. A foretaste of Heaven awaits me there. My soul follows but one path: from Golgotha to Tabor. It leaves Golgotha to seek strength and courage at Tabor. Life is such a ladder.”

“I must work with all my strength to destroy self-love and self interest.” “Jesus keep me under the standard of Your Cross. May the crucifix not be just something I wear, something I look at, but let it be alive in my heart. Let me transformed into a living crucifixion, in union with You through the Eucharist. By meditating on Your life and the most intimate feelings of Your Heart, let me draw souls to You from high on this Cross where Your Love holds me forever.”

-Saint Bernadette of Lourdes. We will be working on this film over the summer and hope to release it as soon as possible. Visit our websites for the DVD release as well as the whole library of our films about the lives of the Saints and English Martyrs of the Church:

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