Saint Therese of Lisieux as Saint Joan of Arc – a new film coming soon from Mary’s Dowry Productions

We have been recreating some visuals for our film about ‘Saint Joan of Arc’ which will be available on DVD from our online shops:

As well as looking at the life of Saint Joan of Arc, we look at the prayer to celebrate the canonisation of Joan of Arc which was written by Saint Therese of Lisieux, as well as a play written by Saint Therese on the life of Saint Joan of Arc.

We originally hoped to be able to include a few photographs that Celine took of Saint Therese as Saint Joan of Arc in the end segment of our film but were unable to do this so we happily recreated the images as best as we could. We love to recreate the Saints in our own way and were pleased to be able to recreate Saint Therese portraying Saint Joan for this final segment in our film.We hope to finish our film about ‘Saint Joan of Arc’ soon and release it on DVD through our online shops:

Saint Joan of Arc has a very inspiring story and we were able to film specific moments from her life this summer. Our images are presented as moving paintings in which the music and narrative combine to draw the viewer into a spiritual, prayerful and informative encounter with the Saint. Saint Therese of Lisieux dressed as Saint Joan of Arc and performed her play on January 21, 1895. Saint Therese called Saint Joan of Arc her spiritual sister. She wrote:

“When I was beginning to learn the history of France, the account of Joan of Arc’s exploits delighted me; I felt in my heart the desire and the courage to imitate her”

This year we also filmed some visuals for Saint Bernadette of Lourdes and have started on our film about Mary Tudor. Visit our websites for full DVD listings.

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