In this CD, 10 original reflective tracks of music focus on the theme of GENTLENESS.
Written to soften the heart and mind for prayer and reflection, these unique and absorbing original CDS are part of a growing range centred on the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit Music Series is a series of original albums consisting of emotive pieces especially composed to reflect the Life of the Holy Spirit through use of music.

Each piece is written to draw the listener in and bring calm to the soul.  The music in this album SPIRIT OF GENTLENESS focuses on the gentle attributes of the Holy Spirit through reflective use of piano and strings accompanying instruments such as cello, flute and acoustic guitar.

Track Listing:

1.  The gentleness of Christ (5:01)

2.  Let your gentleness be evident to all (4:46)

3.  Thy Gentleness hath made me great (4:45)

4.  Gentleness of Tongue is the Tree of Life (4:45)

5.  Blessed are the gentle (4:46)

6.  Gentleness lays great offences to rest (6:00)

7.  The gentle will have the earth for their heritage (6:04)

8.  I Am Gentle and Lowly of Heart (5:08)

9.  As Gentle as Doves (5:12)

10.  Lift Thy Spirit (5:32)

Runtime: 52 Minutes
Format: Audio CD
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