The Forty English Martyrs

Welcome to our series of short synopsis on the lives of the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales.  These posts will be added to frequently until complete and will be ideal for quick refrences, brushing up, or simply to enjoy.  We hope to be able to make the lives of these great English Martyrs into original films by us at Mary’s Dowry Productions over the following years.  Be sure to visit our main website to see which English Martyrs we have already brought to life with our own portrayals and productions at:

Saint John Almond 1577-1612 (age 35)  – Pray for Us

Saint Edmond Arrowsmith 1585-1628 (age 43)  – Pray for Us

Saint Ambrose Barlow 1585-1641 (age 56) – Pray for Us

Saint John Boste c.1544 – 1594 (age 50) – Pray for Us

Saint Alexander Briant 1556-1581 (age 25) – Pray for Us

Saint Edmund Campion 1540-1581 (age 41) Pray for Us

Saint Margaret Clitherow 1556-1586 (age 30) Pray for Us

Saint Philip Evans 1645-1679 (age 34) Pray for Us

Saint Thomas Garnet c.1575-1608 (age 33) Pray for Us

Saint Edmund Gennings 1567-1591 (age 24) Pray for Us

Saint Richard Gwyn 1537-1584 (age 47) Pray for Us

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