The Priesthood: Alter Christus

The Priesthood: Alter Christus DVD

What is a priest? What does a priest do?  What makes a good priest?

These and other questions are posed to young Catholics, seminarians and priests throughout the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton in this new DVD resource especially produced in the Year of the Priest.

THE YEAR FOR PRIESTS began on 19th June 2009, the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This special year helps us to better understand the ministry of the ordained priest. Pope Benedict XVI has reminded us in a sermon for this special year that without the ordained priesthood “there would be neither the Eucharist nor even the mission nor the Church”.

The title “Alter Christus” was chosen from Fr. Tony Churchill’s comment that the ordained priest is another Christ. The title emphasises that the ordained priest is the sacramental re-presentation of the priesthood of Jesus Christ to administer the grace of the salvation won for us by Christ. The scenes of Holy Mass were filmed at St. Pancras Church in Lewes. The commentary is by Fr. Dominic Rolls. The filming, editing and music accompaniment is by Mary’s Dowry Productions. The interviews were shot and Lewes, Arundel and Brighton seafront. The participants were asked to speak from a couple of questions of their choosing from the following list:

1) Who is Jesus Christ for me?

2) Why is it so important to be a Catholic?

3) Why do I go to Mass?

4) How do I experience Jesus Christ at Mass?

5) What is a priest?

6) What makes a good priest?

The Priesthood:Alter Christus DVD is aimed primarily at secondary school students and confirmation candidates. The DVD highlights the essential link between the High Priesthood of Jesus Christ and the ministry of the ordained priest. The DVD consists of the testimonies of young Catholics who speak of their faith, the ministry of priests and the importance of the Catholic Church. The DVD provides important teaching on the priesthood and the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist, to encourage devotion, study and further enquiry.

This excellent new presentation is perfect for use in schools, youth groups, prayer groups, Confirmation classes and RCIA and gives a dynamic, relevant and interesting look at the priest and his ministry. Filmed on location at Brighton beach, Arundel Cathedral and Saint Pancras Catholic Church in Lewes, United Kingdom, this important DVD resource has an accompanying question booklet for further discussion and information. Produced in collaboration with the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton.  Many thanks to the Diocesan parishes and Catenian circles that have financially supported the production of this DVD.

As Seen on EWTN.

Runtime 15 minutes with additional Questions and Answers for leading to discussion.  This DVD includes accompanying notes.

Available in All Region Formats.

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