Journeys Music Album


A Complete Instrumental Fusion Audio CD.

The album 'Journeys' is a selection of original pieces.  Each tune takes you on a journey with its unique combination of instruments and style.  Relax on a summers' day 'In the Shade of the Teasel' or travel via mysterious craft across the silent ice in 'The Ice Vessel'; into the tomb of Beowulf with the panflute or to a deserted hall in Spain with the Spanish Guitar and mandolin in 'Crumbling Wine Halls'.  You will be taken on a journey with every reflective piece.

Track Listing:

1. Weeping By The Hearth (2:31)
2. Swift Horses (2:59)
3. A Mound of Treasure (2:12)
4. The Ice Vessel (3:06)
5. In the Shade of the Teasel (2:56)
6. Beowulf's Tomb (2:13)
7. Crumbling Wine Halls (2:52)
8. Silver Island (2:53)
9. Squinancywort Pie (2:40)
10. The Marsh Queen (2:53)
11. Summers' Snowflakes (2:32)
12. Azarole (3:03)


Bernadette Bevans has been writing music since the age of fourteen. 
Specialising in writing music as underscore to film and narrative,
Bernadette has been compiling original albums for many years. Many
of these include Ancient English fusion music such as the early albums
Lands, Journeys, Dreams and many more. Recently the Holy Spirit Series
was inspired as a much more reflective and background type style
and has been enjoyed by many for meditation and for chilling out on the
 train to work. The Calm Your Spirit with Music Series is a long
awaited series making the music soundtracks from many of the Mary’s
Dowry Productions films available on complete and enhanced CD.

Length and Format:

JOURNEYS is available worldwide on Audio CD and is 30 minutes in length.

About This Series:

This audio CD is Volume 1 in the Series of Music Albums "Reflective Ancient English Fusion Music".  This is the earliest series of music written by Bernadette, begun in the late 1990s on simple piano and evolving to Clavinova and transforming what began with piano solo to a blending of unique instrumental styles.  This particular album contains some very special tunes originally written for piano solo but adapted with unique and beautiful instruments arranged to create an appealing variety of moods using harmonicas, guitars, strings, flutes and many more.  As with all Bernadette's music the foundation is reflective, mystical and atmospheric but with a love of Olde English Folk style a new and original sound was gradually developed over the years by fusing the reflective base with ancient and unexpected instruments.  Journeys contains both calming meditative tracks with some lighter tunes too.  Perfect for thought-provoking moods, chilling out or listening to in the background.  

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