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Saint Patrick: Apostle of Ireland:

Saint Patrick is one of the most popular Saints of Catholic Church, known as the Apostle of Ireland. When he was a boy, Saint Patrick was kidnapped and sold to a Druid priest in Ireland. There he remained for some years until he escaped, having learned enough about the Irish people to help him return as one of the greatest Apostles in history to that land. He was a devout and fervent Catholic priest and Bishop, feared especially by demons and those who upheld pagan practices and beliefs. He taught the Truths of Faith, famously instructing the Irish about the Doctrine of the Trinity by using the three-leafed shamrock. A powerhouse of prayer, Saint Patrick’s mission does not only remain with the people and culture of one time or land. His methods and his zeal for Truth have touched the Catholic world for centuries. He is invoked by many thousands of people and his famous prayers are used daily. He is particularly remembered for driving the ‘snakes (or demons) from Ireland and is therefore a great intercessor in our daily spiritual warfare. Our unique film production style has been praised worldwide for not only presenting facts and biographical information but a prayerful and spiritual film experience. Saint Patrick: The Apostle of Ireland is a way to journey with one of our great Catholic Saints. 

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The film runs for 25 minutes and is available worldwide on Region Free DVD.

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