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O Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God and our most gentle Queen and Mother look down in mercy upon England, thy dowry, and upon us who greatly hope and trust in thee.

A Catholic Film Production Company based in West Sussex, England

All of our film productions are available on DVD from our online shop worldwide.  Visit our shop to browse through our growing range of original Catholic resources faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church.  We accept all major credit cards, Paypal, UK Cheque and Google Checkout.

Mary's Dowry Productions postal address:
P.O. BOX 4513, Worthing, West Sussex, BN13 3WT - Telephone: 079 0644 6078

Mary's Dowry Productions  makes original documentaries and films on the lives of well known and little known English Martyrs and Saints.  These are made available worldwide on DVD for anyone else who may be interested in learning about these Saints.
We were founded with the intention of making original films that include historical facts and imagery, scenery, art and the richness of the Catholic Faith in the Saints and Martyrs.

Our main focus is mainly upon the lives of the Forty Martys of England and Wales.


Mary's Dowry Productions was founded in 2007 by Emily Jane Bevans and Bernadette Bevans.  We are a family run Catholic film production company based in the South of the United Kingdom.

The name ' Mary's Dowry Productions' .

Mary's Dowry was once the name used to refer to England.  King Edward the Confessor traditionally gave England to Our Lady in 1061 and this consecration was renewed by King Richard II in 1381.  The devotion of the English Catholics to Our Lady and the Roman Catholic spirituality of the English people was renowned for centuries.

We chose  'Mary's Dowry'  as the name of our company due to our location in England and our love of Our Lady.   

About Mary's Dowry Productions

The films produced by Mary's Dowry Productions are thoroughly researched and rich with Catholic devotion, historical details, biographical accounts, facts and imagery. 

Our individual film on a particular Saint is sometimes told from the Saint's point of view.  All of our work is produced in-house. 

Our short and detailed films giving an accurate and spiritual account of each Saint are available on DVD worldwide through our online shop.  As sole producers and distributors we are a specialist film company that only allow a small selection of trade customers of our original films.



We have used our own time and money to produce our films which began as a small family project and from a personal desire to see biographical presentations of Martyrs and Saints that included their devotional aspects as well as historical context and details in film. 
We are pleased to be able to share these films with all who have taken an interest in Mary's Dowry Productions by making them available on DVD. 
We have our own online secure shop where our films can be purchased on excellent quality DVD.  The DVDS are available in all region formats and are shipped out quickly in secure packaging.  We accept payment for these films by credit card, debit card or by using Paypal.  Our online shop is easy to use and is found throughout our website.  Our productions are also available through AMAZON UK and AMAZON COM.

Our logo is the right inside panel of the Wilton Diptych.  This we chose as it has a great significance to England under the banner of Our Lady's Dowry.

The original films produced by Mary's Dowry Productions

Visit our DVD page for a full listing of films.

An Award for Mary's Dowry Productions

In October 2010, Emily Jane Bevans and Bernadette Bevans were awarded 'Catholic Women of the Year' 2010 and presented with certificates by Archbishop Vincent Nichols at a special Luncheon held near Marble Arch, London.  The event first began in 1969 to 'pay tribute to Catholic women who give outstanding service to the Church'.  Emily and Bernadette received the award for founding Mary's Dowry Productions and for producing films promoting the lives and witnesses of the Saints and Martyrs of the Catholic Church.  Pope Benedict XVI sent a special message and his apostolic blessing to the winners.

Archbishop Vincent Nichols presents the award certificates to the founders of Mary's Dowry Productions - October 2010

Presented with the 'Catholic Women of the Year 2010' Award - October 2010