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Saint Bertha is an important and inspiring Saint especially for England. She was a Frankish princess born into the powerful Merovingian dynasty in the 6th century and was raised a devout Catholic near Tours, France. In the year 580AD Saint Bertha was given in marriage to the pagan King of Kent in England with the condition that she would be permitted to continue to practice her Catholic Faith. This was very important for God was paving the way for Pope Gregory’s Mission to England to be met favourably. King Ethelbert agreed and observed his wife’s Catholic devotions and good example with interest.

Our Lord guided Saint Bertha to be a great example and influence upon the King of Kent as well as in assisting with the restoration of England’s Catholic Faith. Saint Bertha was given a Roman church where her confessor offered the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and she spent much time in prayer. This ancient church was Saint Bertha’s private chapel before the arrival of Saint Augustine to Kent on Pope Gregory the Great’s English Mission. When Saint Augustine arrived, Saint Bertha had paved the way with her husband to offer welcome and hospitality to the missionaries. The Queen was very helpful and influential in the reception of Saint Augustine to England. Pope Gregory the Great held Saint Bertha in such high esteem that he personally wrote her a very beautiful letter complimenting the Queen of Kent on her piety, knowledge of the Catholic Faith and her learning.

Saint Bertha is a great Catholic figure for England and the Catholic Church, especially today, for she has left us a holy and inspiring life dedicated to assisting in the evangelisation of others towards the Truth as well as her great love for England.

In this inspiring and fascinating film we also look at the rise and fall of Canterbury Cathedral, once the seat of Catholicism in England. Our film production style has been internationally praised for not only presenting facts, historical information and details from the life of Saint Bertha and England’s history, but a spiritual, prayerful and authentically Catholic film experience.

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