Calm Your Spirit With Music 8: Science of the Cross - SOUNDTRACK

Instrumental Soundtrack from Saint Edith Stein Film to aid in contemplation. A fusion of Mystical Female Choirs and subtle instruments such as Armenian Duduk inspired by Saint Edith Stein and Carmelite Spirituality. The music in this album will lift the mind to contemplation. The instrumental style is immediately recognisable as artist Bernadette Bevan's unique sound.

Calm Your Spirit With Music Volume 8: Science of the Cross:
The Complete Soundtrack from Saint Edith Stein Enhanced for Audio CD.
Instrumental Music Compilation.

The Calm Your Spirit With Music Series fuses instruments and soundscapes to create a contemporary mystical and reflective mood which is both uplifting and meditative and tells a story. Presenting a music soundtrack from Mary's Dowry Productions films in each volume. The music soundtrack in this CD is taken from Saint Edith Stein film and enhances it for audio CD. As each track builds upon the next you are absorbed in a journey of peace, prayer, contemplation, thought and memory. Let the fusion of Mystical Female Choirs and subtle instruments such as the Armenian Duduk lift you to prayer and reflection and aid in contemplation. Perfect as background music, or for chilling out, for becoming lost in thought, prayer or to simply absorb yourself in the tunes these original soundtracks will help unwind and calm. The music in this album is subtitled 'Science of the Cross' to reflect upon the writings and Carmelite Spirituality of Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (St. Edith Stein), particularly the Science of the Cross which has inspired this album. The instrumental style is immediately recognisable as Bernadette Bevans' unique sound of meditative music, spiritual instrumental music.  

Track Listing:

Track 1: Visions of the Cross (2:57)
Track 2: Taking up the Cross (5:27)
Track 3: The Message of the Cross (5:05)
Track 4: A Theology of the Cross (3:41)
Track 5: The Word From the Cross (3:09)
Track 6: The Love of the Cross (3:31)
Track 7: The Cross and the Night (5:19)
Track 8: The Science of the Cross (6:47)
Track 9: The Glory in the Cross (3:17)



“I have been writing music since the age of fourteen. It began with piano solos but quickly developed into my own original style of blending all the instruments that I love such as ancient wind instruments, tin whistles, recorders, harps, guitars, baroque guitars, medieval lutes and strings, epic film strings, full choirs, Gregorian voices, beautiful choirs, the voices of the Elves and so many more! I am inspired by film scores such as ‘Lord of the Ring’s’ and ‘Braveheart’. I also love England, its’ landscapes, hills, ruined castles, history, lighthouses, sea towns, harbours, forests. When I write, I picture all that is ancient England and take this visual imagery and try to tell its’ story through music. Each original piece, tells its own story and although historical in inspiration, my sound is contemporary and new”. – Bernadette Bevans

Length and Format:

'Calm Your Spirit With Music Volume 8: Science of the Cross' is available worldwide on Audio CD and is 40 minutes in length.


The Calm Your Spirit With Music series was created because of the demand for the film scores from Mary's Dowry Productions to become available. This is volume eight in this series of soundtracks. All of the films from Mary's Dowry Productions have their own original music score written directly to the picture. A lot of people have enjoyed the original music and atmosphere of the films and have asked for the music from these films on audio CD. Bernadette Bevans has been compiling instrumental CD albums for over two decades, filled with original tracks in her own musical style and this original style of music composition is used extensively throughout each film production. Bernadette Bevans composes each music score for every Mary's Dowry Productions film individually. Each production has its own music score, theme and atmosphere which is composed and performed by Bernadette directly to picture. Any CD from Mary's Dowry Productions has Bernadette's unique sound and style and will be enjoyed by all. This particular album takes the music score that Bernadette wrote for the film 'Saint Edith Stein' and enhances it for audio CD. The style centres around Mystical Female Choirs, atmospheric soundscapes and Armenian Duduk as well as other subtle instruments and soundscapes. The music in this album is reflective and atmospheric.

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