Dreams Music CD

Exciting, haunting, moving, ethereal music. Dreams is a unique blend of instruments and tracks, piano, folk guitar, flutes, gothic choirs. Each piece will take you on a journey.

An original Instrumental Music Audio CD.

The album 'Dreams' is a blend of unique and contrasting instruments, from solo piano, folk guitar and classical flute, to Gothic Choir and Strings and more. Each piece takes you into a dream world, on a journey with their haunting melodies and characters. As you enter the world of each original title, you will find yourself absorbed, whether it is through the wild stirring Tango Accordion of 'Grizzled Skipper' that transports you to a smugglers Tavern, or the sweet enchanting classical flute of 'Angel Shades' that whisks you above the clouds. Your soul will be moved and engulfed in the magic of the sounds.

Track Listing:

1. Angel Shades (2:16)
2. Between the Roses (2:42)
3. Sapphire Rain (2:42)
4. Nightfall (2:54)
5. Dragon Tree (2:30)
6. Grizzled Skipper (1:29)
7. Feverish Dream (2:58)
8. Ruby Tigers (2:33)
9. Scented Ash (2:17)
10. Under the Storax (1:56)
11. Through the Doorway (3:11)
12. The Dryad (2:54)



“I have been writing music since the age of fourteen. It began with piano solos but quickly developed into my own original style of blending all the instruments that I love such as ancient wind instruments, tin whistles, recorders, harps, guitars, baroque guitars, medieval lutes and strings, epic film strings, full choirs, Gregorian voices, beautiful choirs, the voices of the Elves and so many more! I am inspired by film scores such as ‘Lord of the Ring’s’ and ‘Braveheart’. I also love England, its’ landscapes, hills, ruined castles, history, lighthouses, sea towns, harbours, forests. When I write, I picture all that is ancient England and take this visual imagery and try to tell its’ story through music. Each original piece, tells its own story”. – Bernadette Bevans

Length and Format:

DREAMS is available worldwide on Audio CD and is 29 minutes in length.

Writing 'DREAMS':

I wrote this album when I was in my early twenties. I was so inspired at the time because I had been writing piano solos for years, the kind of music that I wanted to listen to and play. I was developing my own style and what I needed was a fresh infusion of instruments. I had recently gotten a Clavinova Digital Piano, the latest of its kind and something I had wanted since I was very young. It truly was the most beautiful thing I had ever owned and now my music could take flight. 'DREAMS' was the first album compilation of instrumental tunes that I wrote on the Clavinova system. For each track I began with a track title, I imagined the visuals of the title, the story behind it, sometimes I would print out a picture to help me, and then I would write, layer by layer, trying to tell the story of the title through music. The foundation of my music style is quite reflective, mystical and atmospheric. I drew upon strings, harps, Gothic choirs, flutes and pianos. Some of the tracks are quite absorbing, others are lighter such as 'Grizzled Skipper' where I upped the tempo and used a fusion of accordions, guitars, banjos and ocarinas. In 'Ruby Tigers' I tried to create a touch of Spanish feel with Spanish guitar, Mandolin and strings. The instruments are simple but effective. Each track was written individually and with care and inspiration and are all unique. DREAMS contains
both calming meditative tracks with some lighter tunes too. Perfect for thought-provoking moods, chilling out or listening to in the background. It has been met with excellent reviews.

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