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Saint Edmund Arrowsmith: Exorcist From the North Instant Video: 

Duration: 43 minutes
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As part of his daring missions throughout England, saint Edmund Arrowsmith took on the devil. His intention was to claim England for God once more, one soul at a time. After the once-Catholic king had worked with the corrupt clergy and government to cast the Mother of God out of England, a country once known as ‘Mary’s Dowry’, the devil was determined to claim the country for his own, outlawing the Mass, the Sacraments and even banning the Rosary. Father Edmund was a fervent Catholic priest, devoted to the Sacraments, loyal to the Magisterium, a defender of the true Faith and destined to give his life for the one, true, holy and apostolic Church. He was canonised one of the 40 martyrs of England and wales and his stirring story is one every Catholic today should know. 


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