Francis of Assisi, Saint

Known throughout the Catholic world as the Poor One of Assisi, Saint Francis was a powerhouse of prayer. He converted from a worldly life of pleasure and vanity to become the founder of the Franciscan Order which has flourished throughout the centuries.

Saint Francis of Assisi:

Saint Francis of Assisi can often be cast in a narrow light with many people today, especially in the secular world, thinking of him as a sort of Doctor Doolittle character, talking to the animals or walking about nature speaking poetically about brother sun and sister earth. His profound love of the Passion of Christ, his heroic virtue, sacrifices, deep prayer, intense devotion and powerfully Catholic mystical experiences are often put aside, yet he is a striking, inspiring and incredibly important Saint for our times.

As a young, worldly man, a soldier, knight and reveller, Saint Francis experienced a profound conversion whereupon he totally rejected his life of luxury and worldliness, publically even removing his rich clothing and renouncing his father’s wealth and name in order to make amends for his secular life and radically follow Christ.

He experienced living as a beggar for a time and took hold of his strong will, refusing to let it dominate him or weaken him into offering anything less than his entire self for the glory of God and the good of the Church. Clothing himself in a rough, unsightly sack for a habit and hacking off his rich, thick hair, Saint Francis entered upon the way of the cross, of prayer and a mystical path to union with Christ as he gave every part of himself to Our Lord and deeply yearned to become a perfect imitation of Him.

Our Lord called him specifically to rebuild His Church which he showed Saint Francis to be in ruins. Saint Francis therefore stood as a witness against the evils and corruptions of his times, especially the spirit of the world, the vanity and pride, in the lives and hearts of many clergymen, and inspired other young men and women to imitate him. He founded the Franciscan Order but despite becoming well-known and sought after, he preferred to go away from the crowds to pray alone in the mountains. It was during one retreat that Saint Francis received the stigmata.

Saint Francis only lived to the age of 44 but his impact upon Christianity was and is profound. Learn about the life, mission and witness of Saint Francis of Assisi in this film which has been internationally praised for not only presenting details, information and facts but a prayerful and spiritual film experience.

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Saint Francis of Assisi runs for 45 minutes and is available on Region Free DVD worldwide.


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