Holy Spirit of Peace

Peaceful and meditative music with piano, strings, guitars, drawing you in to help you find peace and calm of spirit.
Holy Spirit of Peace:
Calming and Meditative Tracks to help you relax and ponder

The Holy Spirit Music Series is a series of original music albums consisting of emotive pieces especially composed to reflect the Life of the Holy Spirit through use of music. Each piece is written to draw the listener in and to bring calm to the soul. The music in this album 'Spirit of Peace' focuses on the Peaceful attributes of the Holy Spirit through reflective use of piano and strings and accompanying instruments such as cello, flute and acoustic guitar.

Track Listing:

Track 1 - Seeking After God (3:44)
Track 2 - The Prince of Peace (3:39)
Track 3 - Peace in Death (4:32)
Track 4 - God Blesses With Peace (4:15)
Track 5 - Peace I Leave You (4:51)
Track 6 - Let Not Your Heart be Troubled (5:47)
Track 7 - Be Not Afraid (4:21)
Track 8 - Resting With the God of Peace (3:22)
Track 9 - Peace Not of This World (3:43)
Track 10 - Tranquility in the Soul (3:29)


Bernadette Bevans has been writing music since the age of fourteen.  Specialising in writing music as underscore to film and narrative, Bernadette has been compiling original albums for many years. Many of these include ancient English fusion music such as the early albums Lands, Journeys, Dreams and many more. Recently the Holy Spirit Series was inspired as a much more reflective and background type style and has been enjoyed by many for meditation and for chilling out on the  train to work. The Calm Your Spirit with Music Series is a long awaited series making the music soundtracks from many of the Mary’s Dowry Productions films available on complete and enhanced CD.

Length and Format:

Holy Spirit of Peace is available worldwide on Audio CD and is 42 minutes in length.


This audio CD is Volume 1 in the Series of Music Albums "Holy Spirit Music Series".

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