Go on a journey with every original instrumental piece in this unique and creative music album. Relax to pan flutes, Spanish guitars, strings and all manner of blended sounds and styles in these musical adventures

An Original Instrumental Music Audio CD.

The album 'Journeys' is a selection of original pieces. Each tune takes you on a journey with its unique combination of instruments and style. Relax on a summers' day 'In the Shade of the Teasel' or travel via mysterious craft across the silent ice in 'The Ice Vessel' ; into the tomb of Beowulf with the panflute or to a deserted hall in Spain with the Spanish Guitar and mandolin in 'Crumbling Wine Halls'. You will be taken on a journey with every reflective piece.

Track Listing:

1. Weeping By The Hearth (2:31)
2. Swift Horses (2:59)
3. A Mound of Treasure (2:12)
4. The Ice Vessel (3:06)
5. In the Shade of the Teasel (2:56)
6. Beowulf's Tomb (2:13)
7. Crumbling Wine Halls (2:52)
8. Silver Island (2:53)
9. Squinancywort Pie (2:40)
10. The Marsh Queen (2:53)
11. Summers' Snowflakes (2:32)
12. Azarole (3:03)

In addition to audio CD, JOURNEYS is available for instant download digitally as an entire album or as individual tracks, also with audio previews. You can find this album and many others by Bernadette Bevans on outlets such as Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Napster and many more! By clicking the button below you will be taken to our Digital Download page in You Tube Music where you can download and listen to this album on any device. You can also search for this album on many other platforms too.


“I have been writing music since the age of fourteen. It began with piano solos but quickly developed into my own original style of blending all the instruments that I love such as ancient wind instruments, tin whistles, recorders, harps, guitars, baroque guitars, medieval lutes and strings, epic film strings, full choirs, Gregorian voices, beautiful choirs, the voices of the Elves and so many more! I am inspired by film scores such as ‘Lord of the Ring’s’ and ‘Braveheart’. I also love England, its’ landscapes, hills, ruined castles, history, lighthouses, sea towns, harbours, forests. When I write, I picture all that is ancient England and take this visual imagery and try to tell its’ story through music. Each original piece, tells its own story”. – Bernadette Bevans

Length and Format:

'Journeys' is available worldwide on Audio CD and is 30 minutes in length.

Writing 'Journeys':

I wrote this album when I was in my early twenties. I was so inspired at the time because I had been writing piano solos for years, the kind of music that I wanted to listen to and play. For this particular album I thought about the kind of pieces I would like to make the album 'Journeys'. I took a selection of beautiful piano solos I had written and I developed them into full tracks, rearranging and extending parts with new sounds and instruments that I discovered. I had recently gotten a Clavinova Digital Piano, the latest of its kind and something I had wanted since I was very young. It truly was the most beautiful thing I had ever owned and now my music could take flight. Each track for 'Journeys' was written by first taking a track title, given to me by my sister. Titles such as 'Weeping by the Hearth' and 'Beowulf's Tomb' allowed my imagination to really take flight and write what I saw in my minds eye. I imagined the story behind each title; sometimes I would print out a picture to help me. The foundation of my music style is quite reflective, mystical and atmospheric. These particular piano solos that I used as a base are some of my favourites. Taking them and arranging them with instruments such as strings, harps, Gothic choirs, flutes and pianos and many more really worked well and the atmosphere and ambience were really enhanced. The instruments are simple but effective. Each track was written and performed individually with care and inspiration and are all unique. 'Journeys' contains both calming meditative tracks with some slightly lighter tunes too. Perfect for thought-provoking moods, chilling out or listening to in the background. It has been met with excellent reviews.

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