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The inspiring and moving story of Saint Margaret Clitherow, known as the ‘Shining Pearl of York’, has touched the hearts of countless Catholics throughout the past four centuries. She was a young Catholic Englishwoman who converted from Protestantism during a time of dangerous persecutions against the Catholic Church in England by the Elizabethan government.

Although it was illegal to hear Mass, to carry rosary beads or even light devotional candles, Saint Margaret Clitherow refused to comply with the anti-Catholic regimes or attend the compulsory Protestant services and worked instead on providing secret rooms where the outlawed Mass could be celebrated, as well as organising safe houses and shelter for hunted priests.

Saint Margaret worked in her husband’s butcher’s shop in the Shambles, York, and was outspoken in her defence of the persecuted Catholic Church, often catechising and instructing her customers in her edifying way. She was arrested several times and although her house was under constant surveillance, she protected priests and provided priest holes and secret hiding places for them as well as for the illegal sacred vessels used in the celebration of Mass.

Saint Margaret was dedicated to her family and raised her children in the outlawed Faith, ever attentive upon the salvation and sanctification of souls, especially of those in her care. Her home became one of the most important safe houses in Northern England. She sent her eldest son to France to train for the illegal priesthood and one of her daughter’s became a nun.

Eventually, Saint Margaret was arrested and partook in one of the country’s most unique trials and sentencing in England’s history. She cheerfully offered her life for the Catholics of England and for the love of Our Lord, even sewing her own burial shroud and leaving an important witness and legacy for the Catholic Church, especially in England, today.

Saint Margaret Clitherow was canonised one of the 40 Martyrs of England and Wales.

Learn about the inspiring life of Saint Margaret Clitherow in this film set during the dangerous Elizabethan persecution of the Catholic Church in England which has been internationally praised for not only presenting information, details and facts but a prayerful and spiritual film experience. As seen on EWTN.
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A moving account

This film is a moving account of the brutal martyrdom of a gentle recusant in Elizabethan England. The production style is one I'd not encountered before. There are no dialogue nor sound effects (doors opening and closing, footsteps, etc.); only music and narration. They are sufficient to tell the story simply and effectively, without wasting the time and money it would take to ape Hollywood production style.

David Kaftal | USA | January 2021

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