Margaret Ward - English Martyr, Saint

As a young, single, Elizabethan English woman Margaret Ward decided to assist in the great work of preserving the persecuted Catholic Church in her beloved country of England.

Saint Margaret Ward:

In England during the Elizabethan persecutions of the Catholic Church, faithful Catholics were known as recusants. The Mass was illegal, praying the rosary or even lighting devotional candles carried with them fines or sometimes imprisonment. Catholic doctrine was corrupted and preached to the people under the banner of Christianity, and so the Church Militant relied upon faithful Catholic missionary priests to bring them the outlawed Sacraments. A large network of Catholic laymen and women organised the journeys, safe houses and Masses for the hunted Catholic priests. One of the 40 Martyrs of England and Wales, Saint Margaret Ward, was fervent and dedicated to the Catholic survival of doctrine, liturgy, Sacraments and devotions and planned the routes that missionary priests would take, as well as making Sacramentals and distributing rosary beads. She planned the escape of a priest from a high-security prison, was captured, questioned and placed on trial for her very life. In a heroic act of virtue and courage, Saint Margaret Ward gave her life for the Church Militant in England, for the Catholic Faith and for the Truth.

Length and Format:

Saint Margaret Ward runs for 30 minutes and is available worldwide on Region Free DVD.


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