Philomena, Saint

Saint Philomena is one of the most powerful saints of the Church. Her tomb was discovered in the catacombs in the 19th Century and since then so many miracles have occurred through her intercession that she has become known as the wonder-worker.

Saint Philomena:

Saint Philomena is an early Catholic Saint of Greco-Roman origins. One of our most powerful intercessors, Saint Philomena is known as ‘Wonder-Worker’. The discovery of her tomb in the 19th century catapulted Saint Philomena into the Catholic public eye due to striking favours of grace and healing quickly and consistently obtained through her intercession. These great signs and answers to even the most difficult intentions, including healings from grave illnesses, and also in the assistance of simple every day needs, continues today throughout the world with testimonies still given day by day.

Many Popes and Saints recommended devotion to Saint Philomena including Pope Saint Pius X and Saint Jean Vianney. She is the Patron of the Living Rosary Association, founded by Venerable Pauline Jaricot who took Saint Philomena as patroness after receiving a striking and Church approved healing from her illness.

Saint Philomena was a Greek princess who travelled with her family to pay honour to the pagan Emperor Diocletian in Rome in the 4th Century. Saint Philomena was a young woman of 13 or 14 and a devout Catholic, having promised herself to Christ and taken a private vow of virginity.

When the Emperor saw her he wanted her for himself but Saint Philomena refused, even when her parents threatened her to accept the Emperor’s intentions. Adamant in her refusal, despite being offered unimaginable wealth, worldly honours and glories and status as Empress, Saint Philomena was imprisoned.

Eventually the Emperor ordered her executed by arrows, which turned instead upon the archers. She was tied to an anchor and thrown in the Tiber, but stepped out of the waters before the astonished crowds, continuously giving witness to Christ, to purity and to the Church. She gave a strong witness in honour of Our Lady, too. Finally, Saint Philomena was beheaded and buried in the catacombs where her holy body remained until its discovery in 1802, a find that was surrounded by fascinating details and additional discoveries.

In this film we not only present the life of Saint Philomena but the history of the discovery of her tomb and the unfolding history of devotion to her up to the present day in a DVD which has been internationally praised for not only presenting details, information and facts but a prayerful and spiritual film experience.

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Saint Philomena runs for 30 minutes and is available worldwide on Region Free DVD format.


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