Richard Gwyn: Defender of the Mass, Saint

One of the great Elizabethan Catholic defenders of the Faith during the persecutions of the Catholic Church in Britain by the Protestant government, he had a fervent love for the Catholic Faith and was outspoken in defence of the Church, using poetry, song and rhyme, like the Welsh bards of old, to defend the Truths and disparage heresies.

Defender of the Mass: Saint Richard Gwyn:


One of the 40 Martyrs of England and Wales is the Co-Patron of the Latin Mass Society. He was the father of six children, a school teacher, author and poet, who defended the Catholic Faith, the family and the Mass during the Elizabethan persecutions and whose story is relevant for the Church today. The Mass was outlawed and it was illegal not to attend the Protestant services. Richard learned a harsh lesson from Heaven when he attended one. As he left the church, ravens swooped down to attack him. Richard vowed never to betray the Catholic Faith again.

Opening with a fascinating look at Catholicism in Wales and the influence of the Welsh Bards during the Elizabethan persecutions, we see the relevance of St. Richard Gwyn and his defence of the freedom to celebrate Mass for Catholics today.

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Defender of the Latin Mass:
Saint Richard Gwyn runs for 40 minutes and is available worldwide on Region Free DVD Format.


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