A Traditional Christmas


A Traditional Christmas:
An original Instrumental Christmas music album with improvisation on all the popular Christmas tunes.

This original instrumental Christmas music album will bring the traditional atmosphere of Christmas to you whether you are travelling on the train through the chill winter months or gathered around the fireplace for an office or family gathering. The music is haunting and cheerful, poignant, peaceful and mesmerising. Without singing or words, each original composition touches upon the sounds and melodies of favourite carols such as ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen’ and ‘We Saw Three Ships’ but is at the same time entirely new and inspired, taking the listener on a journey of Christmas imaginings and aiding in creating a relaxed and pleasant mood.


1. The Merry Gentlemen (3:44)
2. A Messenger from Heaven (3:28)
3. The Faithful Gathered in Joyful Triumph (5:20)
4. The Night Was Silent (6:42)
5. Good Tidings for a Merry Christmas (3:58)
6. Three Ships on a Christmas Morn (5:36)
7. How Lovely are Your Branches (3:25)
8. A Clear Midnight (4:50)
9. A King on the Feast of Stephen (3:58)
10. Lullay Little Tiny Child (4:10)


This is an instrumental Christmas music CD compilation. I wrote several pieces of music using all my favourite instruments such as strings, harps, guitars, cello, piano, chimes, bells, choirs and many more. Every Christmas I am disappointed with the same Christmas songs available and repackaged. I decided to write some original tunes which were completely new for the Season. I took popular Christmas carols as an inspiration and touched upon them throughout each piece as an anchor. The result is some charming instrumental tracks which are just right for any gathering or for listening to alone to aid in thought and inspiration. These tunes are also perfect for any time of the year. - Bernadette Bevans

Length and Format:

CD Format. Runtime 45:21
Available Worldwide.

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