Holy Spirit of Peace Music CD Album


Holy Spirit of Peace:
 Calming and Meditative Tracks to help you relax and ponder

The Holy Spirit Music Series is a series of original music albums consisting of emotive pieces especially composed to reflect the Life of the Holy Spirit through use of music. Each piece is written to draw the listener in and to bring calm to the soul. The music in this album 'Spirit of Peace' focuses on the Peaceful attributes of the Holy Spirit through reflective use of piano and strings and accompanying instruments such as cello, flute and acoustic guitar.

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Track Listing:

Track 1 - Seeking After God (3:44)
Track 2 - The Prince of Peace (3:39)
Track 3 - Peace in Death (4:32)
Track 4 - God Blesses With Peace (4:15)
Track 5 - Peace I Leave You (4:51)
Track 6 - Let Not Your Heart be Troubled (5:47)
Track 7 - Be Not Afraid (4:21)
Track 8 - Resting With the God of Peace (3:22)
Track 9 - Peace Not of This World (3:43)
Track 10 - Tranquility in the Soul (3:29)

About the Artist:

Bernadette Bevans began learning to play the piano at age 5 and after pursuing and excelling at this in both performance and for pleasure she learned to play the flute, clarinet, viola, fife and ocarinas. At the age of fourteen Bernadette discovered her niche as a music composer, beginning with an array of absorbing and refreshing piano pieces which grew over several years. Gradually Bernadette began to compose instrumental music building up an extensive library of the best digital sounds to create an original fusion of instrumental sound and style. Her early music albums have been described as 'Haunting, Ethereal, Ancient, Medieval World Fusion, delightful, magical, poignant, beautiful' with Albums such as 'Kingdoms' and 'Lands', 'Dreams', 'Worlds', 'Realms', 'Journeys', each piece with it's own story to tell and own land to whisk you away to through music and imagination. Each album is varied with haunting melodies or uplifting ideas, bringing joy, reflection and interest in a truly unique style.

After completing her Bachelors Degree in Music Composition for Professional Media, Bernadette together with her sister Emily Jane, established film Production Company Mary's Dowry Productions as a platform for taking Bernadette's years of composition experience and moving into film. The films are both religious biographies and historical documentaries and blend reflection and beauty with historicity and culture in both vision and sound enabling Bernadette to deepen her composition journey with Medieval, Elizabethan, Roman, Saxon, Middle Eastern, drums, lutes, harps, Celtic Instruments, Voices, Gregorian Chants to name but a few sounds and styles which have become trademarks of the growing medium. With over seventy films behind them the productions have been broadcast on BBC, Sky and EWTN Global Catholic Network and this has brought a wide interest to the music side of the productions. In 2010 Bernadette created the 'Holy Spirit Music Series' to take the most reflective, relaxing and meditative elements of writing in a series of albums designed to help bring peace and inspiration. Similar to these is the growing range of Film Soundtracks. The music for the Mary's Dowry Productions films have been so enjoyed that Bernadette has issued a third Series of CD albums entitled 'Calm Your Spirit With Music' in which the soundtracks, underscores and broad themes from each production are embellished and enhanced onto audio CD.

Bernadette is inspired by beautiful and interesting things and finds herself pondering the deeper meanings of anything. Music has always helped to unlock a door within where imagination and contemplation can flow and she uses her compositions to tell stories and put forward ideas that can sometimes only be expressed with the heart, through emotion. 

Length and Format:

Holy Spirit of Peace is available worldwide on Audio CD and is 42 minutes in length.


This audio CD is Volume 1 in the Series of Music Albums "Holy Spirit Music Series".

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