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Saint Margaret Ward:

Saint Margaret Ward is one of three women canonised in a group known as the 40 Martyrs of England and Wales. As a young, single, Elizabethan English woman she decided to assist in the great work of preserving the persecuted Catholic Church in her beloved country of England.

Saint Margaret Ward was especially concerned about the fate of priests who illegally entered England to bring the outlawed Catholic Sacraments to the persecuted faithful. She worked with the underground Catholic network in England, planning routes and organising safe houses for the missionary priests, as well as sewing and distributing Sacramentals. Her own spiritual life was filled with zeal for the Truth, a love for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and a deep desire to see England return to its Catholic heritage and roots.

When Saint Margaret Ward heard about the plight of a Catholic priest imprisoned in Bridewell, she was alarmed to learn of his rejection of the Catholic Faith. Saint Margaret visited him, encouraging him in the Faith and his priesthood. She then planned a daring prison break. She secretly arranged with an Irish boatman an escape route as well as wrapping a rope around herself and smuggling it into the prison.

The priest escaped but fell to the ground from his cell and his shouts alerted the authorities. Although the priest managed to flee, Saint Margaret Ward and Blessed John Roche, the Irish boatman, were captured and imprisoned.

This young Catholic woman refused to deny the Catholic Faith or repent of her ‘crime’. She was sentenced to death and hanged at the infamous triple Tyburn gallows, a martyr for the Catholic Faith in England.

Learn about the inspiring life of Saint Margaret Ward set during the dangerous era of Elizabethan England in this new film, as seen on EWTN. Our film production style has been internationally praised for not only presenting information, details and facts but a prayerful and spiritual film experience.

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Saint Margaret Ward runs for 30 minutes and is available worldwide on Region Free DVD.

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