Defender of the Eucharist - Saint Polydore Plasden


Defender of the Eucharist -
Saint Polydore Plasden:

The son of a devout Catholic musical instrument maker on Fleet Street, London, 28 year old Catholic priest and English Martyr Saint Polydore Plasden inspired Sir Walter Raleigh to make a bold request of Queen Elizabeth I in 1591. As the crowds pushed and shoved one another in order to catch a glimpse of the governments’ latest victims, they were shocked and moved by the great witness this young, fervent Catholic priest gave.

He was born in 1563 in London, England to recusant Catholic parents. Called to the sacred priesthood, he travelled secretly abroad to be educated in Rheims, thereafter journeying to Rome where he became a Catholic priest.

Keen to return to England to minister the outlawed Sacraments and celebrate the illegal Catholic Mass in a country that had once been renowned throughout Christendom for its devotion to Our Lady and love of the Catholic Church, Saint Polydore eagerly set out in disguise and entered the country at Whitby by night with fellow priest and Martyr Saint Edmund Gennings.

Hunted by the government’s spies and priest-catchers, Saint Polydore spent four years eluding the enemies of the church, infuriating powerful anti-Catholic figures such as Walsingham, Lord Cecil and Richard Topcliffe.

Prepared to give his life for the beloved Catholic Faith and for love of Our Lord, Saint Polydore refused to retreat from the dangerous of Elizabethan England. He was eventually tracked to the home of Saint Swithun Wells by none other than the fiercest hater of priests, Richard Topcliffe, and here he literally bargained for the Body of Christ. Mass had not yet finished so Saint Polydore Plasden agreed to surrender on the condition he was permitted to conclude the Holy Sacrifice. Incredibly, Topcliffe agreed. Saint Polydore meticulously consumed every last fragment of the Eucharist so that Our Lord would not suffer sacrilege at the hands of the enemies of the Mass and then peacefully surrendered.

Topcliffe was filled with particular rage as Saint Polydore Plasden bore a most heroic witness for the Catholic Church before the enormous crowds at Tyburn, London. He would have had him suffer a most terrible death had Sir Walter Raleigh not stepped in.

This great Elizabethan English countryman and priest was canonised one of the 40 Martyrs of England and Wales.

Learn about the inspiring life and mission of Saint Polydore Plasden in this film set during the dangerous Elizabethan persecution of the Catholic Church in England which has been internationally praised for not only presenting information, details and facts but a prayerful and spiritual film experience. As seen on EWTN.

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Defender of the Eucharist - Saint Polydore Plasden runs for 30 minutes and is available worldwide on Region Free DVD.

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