Saints of England: Volume 2 DVD


Saints of England: Volume Two

Continuing with our Saints of England series of DVDs, we focus on the lives of seven more famous English Saints of the Church and present each biography in the same style: a simple, easy to understand and straight to the point presentation of seven five minute shorts with live footage, narration and historical imagery and artwork. Volume Two focuses on the lives of:

Saint Thomas Becket
Saint Dunstan
Saint Werburgh
Saint Nicholas Owen
Saint Ethelbert
Saint Wulfstan
Saint Margaret Ward

This popular and useful series of DVDs are excellent Catechetical resources especially produced for Confirmation classes to help choose a Saintís name, to share the stories of these great Saints with friends or family or simply to enjoy. Each film is accessible from an interactive menu. A popular and enjoyable series.

What you will hear:

The lives of seven more well-known Saints of England each presented in a simple, detailed and factual narrative. Original music to accompany each biography.

What you will see:

Historical paintings, artwork and footage of nature presented to aid the narrative.


Each short film runs for approximately 5 minutes. The DVD length is approximately 35 minutes.

Target Audience:

The film is suitable for all ages. The series has proven excellent for use in Confirmation candidates, parishes and classrooms with very positive feedback.

The producers:

Maryís Dowry Productions was established in 2007. The films presenting the lives of the Saints and Martyrs of the Church provide original and simple ways to share the stories and words of these heroic examples of the Faith.


Saints of England: Volume Two is available on Region Free DVD worldwide.

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