Six Soundtracks 6 CD Box Set - From Mary's Dowry Productions

All 6 soundtracks from Mary's Dowry Productions Calm Your Spirit With Music Series are included in this 6 CD Box Set. Written and Performed by Bernadette Bevans from the films of Mary's Dowry Productions
6 CD Box Set - 6 Soundtracks From Mary's Dowry Productions:

6 Instrumental music soundtracks across 6 CD albums are included in this box set.  If you enjoy the music from Mary's Dowry Productions, 6 film scores have been adapted and arranged into instrumental audio CD albums across 47 tracks.  This box set contains 6 CDs of 6 soundtracks by Bernadette Bevans from the music of Mary's Dowry Productions films.  

DISC 1- Etheldreda
The complete soundtrack from Saint Etheldreda: Abbess of Ely

Track 1: To the King's of Old (3:24) Track 2: Find Rest, O My Soul, in God Alone (2:57) Track 3: Etheldreda (1:43) Track 4: My Presence Will Go With You and I Will Give You Rest (3:51) Track 5: May the God of Hope Fill You All With Joy (1:01)Track 6: Sanctuary of the Monastery (4:46) Track 7: Flight Through the Forest (5:11) Track 8: Calm Me Lord as You Calmed the Sea (3:49) Track 9: An Abbey For the Lord (5:21) Track 10: Enfold Me Lord in Your Peace (6:42) Track 11: The End and the Beginning of the Journey (2:33)

DISC 2 - Cuthman  
The complete soundtrack from Saint Cuthman of Steyning

Track 1. Let Everything that has Breath Praise the Lord (2:56), Track 2. The Rugged Track (3:53), Track 3. A Pilgrims Withy (3:08), Track 4. Staff of the King (6:13), Track 5. My Yoke is Easy and my Burden is Light (7:04), Track 6. Dance of the Willow Trees (2:11), Track 7. A Sea of Hills (Extended) (3:47)

DISC 3 - Margaret Ward 
The complete soundtrack from Saint Margaret Ward

Track 1. Let the Heavens Rejoice and the Earth be Glad (2:00), Track 2.  I Have Trusted in Your Loving Kindness (4:27), Track 3. My Heart Shall Rejoice in Your Salvation (4:44), Track 4.  You Are the God Who Works Wonders (6:00), Track 5. O LORD, how manifold are your works!  In wisdom has thou made them all (5:37), Track 6. My Yoke is easy and my Burnden is Light (3:26), Track 7. Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise (4:57).

DISC 4 - Joan of Arc 
The complete soundtrack from Saint Joan of Arc

Track 1. Joan (4:15), Track 2. The Lord is My Strength and My Shield (4:10), Track 3. You Are My Witness (4:40), Track 4.  God in the MIdst of Battle (7:36), Track 5.  The Saviour of France (7:08), Track 6. Betrayed (3:31), Track 7. God Alone (4:47), Track 8.  A Noble Heart, A Heart of Fire (5:38), Track 9. You Are the Light of the World (2:30).

DISC 5 - Dewi Sant 
The complete soundtrack from Saint David of Wales

Track 1. Dewi Sant (2:00), Track 2. The Hills of Solitude (3:07), Track 3. Holy Earth (4:00), Track 4.  Song of Grace (4:24), Track 5.  A Hillside Rising (3:11), Track 6. Do Ye the Little Things in Life (5:41), Track 7.  Trwy Jesu Grist Ein Harglwydd (Through Jesus Christ Our Lord) £3:38).

DISC 6 - Piran of Cornwall 
The complete soundtrack from Saint Piran of Cornwall

Track 1 - Water of Life (3:23), Track 2 - You Will Draw Water From the Spring of Salvation (2:52), Track 3 - Like Cold Water to a Thirsty Soul, so is Good News From a Far Country (2:42), Track 4 - Buriana, Purest Lily (7:57), Track 5 - The Tin Mining Saint (7:20), Track 6 - Surely God is Good to Those Who Are Pure of Heart (1:43)

All CDs available worldwide.
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