The Martyrs Collection 1 - Mary's Dowry Presents - 6 DVD Box Set

An exclusive 6 disc box set new from Mary's Dowry Productions featuring six films on the lives of six English Martyrs as broadcast on EWTN under the series title 'Mary's Dowry Presents'

Mary’s Dowry Presents - Martyrs Collection 1: As Seen on EWTN:

An exclusive 6 disc box set new from Mary's Dowry Productions featuring six films on the lives of six English Martyrs as broadcast on EWTN under the series title 'Mary's Dowry Presents':

God’s Champion: Saint Edmund Campion
The Secret Mass Room: Saint Swithun Wells
Defender of the Eucharist: Saint Polydore Plasden
The Hunted Priest: Saint Edmund Gennings
Saint Margaret Ward
The Safe House Keeper: Saint Anne Line

With a combined run time of approximately 180 minutes, these six individual films are now available together as a box set that will be a welcome addition to any family, school, seminary, parish or home library. Informative, relevant, detailed, inspiring and catholic, ‘the martyrs collection 1’ brings together a collection of 6 English martyrs in these films by Mary’s Dowry Productions.

DISC 1: God’s Champion – St. Edmund Campion:

Of the many titles given to the great Elizabethan Jesuit priest and English Martyr Father Edmund Campion, ‘God’s Champion’ certainly presents this heroic missionary as he was for the Catholic of 16th Century England as well as for all of us today.

Profoundly intelligent and eeply devout, Saint Edmund Campion was a Protestant deacon held in great esteem by Queen Elizabeth I. He was even known by another title: The Queen’s Diamond, so great was his favour with the Protestant Queen of England. But Saint Edmund Campion’s keen mind sought after the Truth and in the face of great danger and threat he rejected all worldly favours for the outlawed Catholic Faith; the ancient Faith of England which was under great persecution.

Disc 2: - The Secret Mass Room - Saint Swithun Wells

St. Swithun was named after an ancient saint of England often invoked for the weather. As a young man he travelled the continent before he met and married his devoutly Catholic wife, Alice. St. Swithun loved to share the faith during a troubled time in England and put himself out to ensure that the Mass was made available. He built a secret room in his London house where his friends could celebrate Mass and when it was finally discovered he joyfully faced his calling, leaving us a moving and inspiring witness of Catholic faithfulness. Featuring moments of creation and beauty with original haunting and medieval music written for the film.

Disc 3: Defender of the Eucharist - Saint Polydore Plasden

Polydore Plasden is one of the English Martyrs, a young Catholic priest in his late twenties who gave his life in Elizabethan England for his priesthood and the Catholic Faith. The son of a musical instrument maker in London, Saint Polydore was ordained a priest and entered England secretly to bring the outlawed Sacraments to Elizabethan Catholics.

Hunted by notorious priest catcher Richard Topcliffe, Father Polydore was arrested in the home of Saint Swithun Wells in London. He was celebrating Mass at the time and rather than escape he struck a bargain with Topcliffe to surrender if he was allowed to finish. Topcliffe agreed. Father Plasden made certain every fragment of the Eucharist was consumed to prevent desecration. He then surrendered to the priest hunter. His trial was a farce, his imprisonment an opportunity for sacrifice and prayer and his death was so brave that Sir Walter Raleigh was moved to seek his reprieve. St. Polydore was canonized in 1970 - one of our great English Saints and Martyrs.

Disc 4: The Hunted Priest - Saint Edmund Gennings

Saint Edmund Gennings is an English Catholic Saint with a story of hope and joy. Although he was only 24 years old, he realised that the people of Elizabethan England were being deprived of the Mass during a difficult time and so he decided to bring it to them. His silence spoke volumes and he formed great friendships that went beyond this life, showing us what a deep but simple faith, friendship and the love of God is capable of achieving.

Disc 5: Saint Margaret Ward:


Saint Margaret Ward was a young Catholic woman living in Elizabethan England. During this time, it was against the law to attend Mass and also praying the rosary or even lighting devotional candles carried with them fines or sometimes imprisonment in the wake of the Protestant Reformation.  Saint Margaret Ward helped priests who travelled the country offering Mass in the homes of Catholics. She was especially concerned for priests who had been arrested and lingered in prison. As well as hand making devotions such as rosary beads, and helping to plan routes the missionary priests would take in England, Saint Margaret planned the escape of a priest from a high-security prison.  The escape went horribly wrong, our young Saint was captured, questioned and placed on trial and joyfully confessed that she was a Catholic woman as well as an obedient subject to the queen. She was sentenced to be hanged for refusing to deny the Catholic Church in this difficult time in England’s history.  The Church recognises Saint Margaret Ward as a martyr and canonized her as one of the 40 Martyrs of England and Wales. Get to know her story in this film from Mary’s Dowry Productions.

DISC 6: The Safe House Keeper - Saint Anne Line

In Elizabethan England, where the Catholic Mass was outlawed and priests were hunted and condemned, Saint Anne Line, a young Catholic laywoman, spent her life caring for secret safe houses where these Catholic missionaries could rest and offer the Mass. In this film we look at the heroic and humble sacrifice that she made when priest hunters arrived to arrest those who refused to deny the Catholic Faith or the men who brought them the Sacraments. St Anne Line is one of the English Martyrs. Her example remains an encouragement and inspiration for Catholics today.

Length and Format:

This collection is available worldwide on region free DVD format and is on 6 DVDs in one 6-way DVD case with a total running time of 180 minutes.

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