The Martyrs Collection 4 - Mary's Dowry Presents - 6 DVD Box Set

A collection of 6 full length films on the English Martyrs across a 6 DVD set. As seen on EWTN.
Mary's Dowry Presents - Martyrs Collection 4: As Seen on EWTN:

A collection of 6 full length films on the English Martyrs across a 6 DVD set. Included in this collection are:

Saint Philip Howard: Earl of Arundel
Saint John Kemble: The Martyr
The Shining Pearl of York: Saint Margaret Clitherow
The Martyrs Walk: From Tower Hill to Tyburn
High Stakes: Saint Alban Roe
Saint Thomas Garnet and the Gunpowder Plot

DISC 1: Saint Philip Howard: Earl of Arundel

As a cousin of Queen Elizabeth I of England, Saint Philip Howard, the Earl of Arundel was one of the wealthiest men in England and a favourite with the Queen. When he heard Saint Edmund Campion’s disputations in the Tower of London, Saint Philip Howard’s conscience was troubled. He was greatly moved by Saint Edmund Campion’s explanations of and defence of the Catholic Faith, and experienced a profound conversion.  Saint Philip Howard was reconciled to the outlawed Catholic Church and dedicated his life to assisting the persecuted Church in Elizabethan England. Fearing the wrath of Queen Elizabeth I who learned of his conversion, Saint Philip attempted to escape England by ship, but he was captured and arrested.

DISC 2: Saint John Kemble: The Martyr:

Saint John Kemble’s missionary work as a hunted Catholic priest in Reformation England lasted an incredible 53 years. He was born on the borders of Wales, trained for the priesthood abroad and returned with a powerful zeal to restore the outlawed Catholic Faith, Sacraments and holy joy to the persecuted people in England, a country that had for centuries been known as The Dowry of Mary, dedicated to the Mother of God. His daring and successful missionary work saw him reconcile countless souls along the borderlands to the Faith. He worked with fellow priests and future brother martyrs, impressed and touched the hearts of both Catholics and Protestants alike, and has left us not only an inspiring spiritual example, but a lasting impression upon his local culture with the famous ‘Kemble Pipe’ tradition. Join Mary’s Dowry Productions on this journey with a beloved Saint of England and one of the 40 Martyrs of England and Wales in this new film.

Disc 3: The Shining Pearl of York: Saint Margaret Clitherow:

One of our great English Martyrs, Saint Margaret Clitherow, has been known in history since her death, as the Shining Pearl of York. She was a Catholic convert at a time when it was illegal to be a member of the outlawed Catholic Church in Elizabethan England, yet she showed no fear for standing close to the Pope, the Church and the Truths of the Faith even at the risk of her own life. She worked in her husband's butcher shop in York down a popular street called 'The Shambles'. It was here that she shone as an example of kindness, piety and devotion, taking the opportunities of her contact with customers, neighbours and friends to defend the persecuted Catholic Church as well as encourage those who were terrorised by the anti-Catholic government to hold firm to the Faith.

DISC 4: High Stakes: Saint Alban Roe

Alban Roe was a convert to the Catholic Faith during Penal Times in England. Despite being expelled from seminary and getting into trouble with his fiery temper and often blunt wit, this pious and truly devout Englishman joined the Benedictines and returned to England as an outlawed Catholic priest to minister to the persecuted Catholics. He was hunted and eventually arrested where he quickly learned the Fleet prison system that allowed him to walk the London streets by day, ministering the Sacraments, playing cards with prayers for ‘stakes’ and winning many converts. This cheerful and often reckless soldier for Christ was eventually martyred for the Catholic Faith in England and is one of the celebrated 40 martyrs of England and Wales. Learn his inspiring story in this new Catholic film from Mary’s Dowry Productions.

DISC 5: The Martyrs Walk: From Tower Hill to Tyburn

Take a walk through the streets of historic London as a group of pilgrims trace the last steps of the English Martyrs from Tower Hill to Tyburn. Step back in time and meet several of the Martyrs such as St. Thomas More, St. Henry Morse, St. Robert Southwell and St. Anne Line and learn how they willingly gave their lives for the Catholic Faith in England during a time of great persecution against the Church. London is filled with our Catholic heritage, including sites of ancient Catholic churches. Most especially is the spot of the infamous Tyburn tree where many of our English Martyrs stood and witnessed to the Truths of our Catholic Faith. The Martyrs Walk begins at Tower Hill, pausing at the very spot where Saints Thomas More and Saint John Fisher were beheaded for refusing to join King Henry VIII in schism. Tyburn Convent stands by the final destination of Saints such as Anne Line who worked with the Catholic underground in Elizabethan England, keeping secret safe houses for priests who were hunted by the government for celebrating the outlawed Catholic Mass, Sacraments and devotions.

DISC 6: Saint Thomas Garnet and the Gunpowder Plot

Saint Thomas Garnet was the nephew of Father Henry Garnet, the head of the Jesuits in England during the Elizabethan and Jacobean persecutions of the Catholic Church. When Father Henry Garnet learned about the Gunpowder Plot from one of the conspirators in Confession, the Jesuit priest wrote to Rome asking the Church to warn English Catholics not to use force against the oppressive, anti-Catholic government. His nephew Thomas travelled England, illegally administering the outlawed Sacraments and offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. His uncle admitted him into the Jesuit Order. When he was captured in the aftermath of the Gunpowder Plot and it was discovered he was the nephew of Father Henry Garnet, Father Thomas Garnet was imprisoned in the Tower of London with Father Henry and suffered much but was released when no evidence connecting him could be produced. Exiled, yet longing to assist the Catholics in his homeland, Father Thomas returned once more in disguise and worked courageously for the Catholic Faith. He was finally captured, imprisoned, sentenced to death at his trial and gave his life joyfully at Tyburn in 1608. He was canonised an English Saint and Martyr in 1970.

Length and Format:

This collection is available worldwide on region free DVD format and is on 6 DVDs with a total running time of 180 minutes. 6 feature films for the price of 3


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