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Tudor statesman, politician and reformer, Thomas Cromwell remains known in world history as one of the most powerful political figures during the turbulent times of early 16th century England. Among Catholics he is recognised as King Henry VIII’s chief collaborator in the destruction of England’s Catholic Faith, heritage and people. But who was the infamous Earl of Essex really?

In this film we look at Thomas Cromwell as he was; friend of a king, enemy of a queen and chief architect in the destructive and devastating reformation of a country that had been known for centuries as Mary’s Dowry and the Island of Saints. Ambitious, determined and ruthless, yet incredibly clever, ingenious and deeply devoted in his aim to serve King Henry VIII with unwavering dedication, no matter what was commanded, Thomas Cromwell had his own agenda for religion and politics in mind which made him the prefect collaborator with Henry VIII in the King’s schism from the True Church. From his humble beginnings in Putney to his rise to almost ultimate power, we follow Thomas Cromwell through his early years as Cardinal Wolsey’s secretary, his connections with the first stirrings of Protestantism in Europe, his part in the demise and murder of Saint Thomas More, Saint John Fisher and Anne Boleyn, and his role in King Henry VIII’s usurpation of the Catholic Church in England, leading to his eventual position as King Henry VIII’s chief minister where he reshaped a nation and was finally condemned by the king as a traitor. Our unique film style has been internationally praised for presenting facts and historical information with authentically Catholic Truths.


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