Benedict of Nursia, Saint


Saint Benedict of Nursia:


Saint Benedict is the Patron Saint of Europe and one of the great Saints of the Catholic Church. As a young man he found the world so distasteful and such a source of corruption and distraction that he left it for solitude and a life of prayer and Catholic devotion far away from the cities, abandoning his studies and his noble Roman family. His holy life however attracted much interest, especially his battles with the devil and the power of his prayer he famously made the sign of the cross over a cup of poisoned wine and drank it without consequence. Saint Benedict was persuaded to become Abbot of a monastery and later on founded many communities and wrote his famous Rule. He loved to go away alone to pray and has left us great spiritual wisdom for our own Catholic journeys. He is invoked against the attacks of the devil especially through use of the Saint Benedict Medal which was struck in 1880. Our unique film production style has been praised worldwide for not only presenting facts and biographical information but a prayerful and spiritual film experience.

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Saint Benedict of Nursia runs for 40 minutes and is available worldwide on Region Free DVD.

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