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Saint Etheldreda: Abbes of Ely:

Princess, Queen and Catholic Abbess of Ely, Saint Etheldreda’s body lay incorrupt for a thousand years, visited by the faithful from all over Christendom, until her shrine was destroyed by King Henry VIII and her holy body thrown onto a rubbish tip. She was one of our nation’s best loved Saints and is being rediscovered by Catholics today. The daughter of a King, Saint Etheldreda married into the Northumbrian dynasty with the condition that she be permitted to preserve her purity and continue her daily life of prayer. She was the friend of royals and Saints and worked many miracles. When the King decided to break their wedding agreement, Saint Etheldreda fled back to Ely where she founded a religious community and was eventually elected Abbess. She was a model of purity and invoked by the Catholic faithful throughout history. Saint Bede tells us about her in his famous writings and she is honoured in the oldest Catholic Church in England, named after Saint Etheldreda and located in Ely Place, London, where a relic of her holy uncorrupted hand is enshrined. As seen on EWTN, our unique film production style has been praised worldwide for not only presenting facts and biographical information but a prayerful and spiritual film experience.


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The film runs for 45 minutes and is available on Region Free DVD worldwide.


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