How I Painted the Sistine Chapel Ceiling DVD


How I painted the Sistine Chapel Ceiling:

Featured on Celebrity Antiques with actor Brian Cox, this astounding and informative journey with artist Deacon Gary Bevans takes us step by step through a five year Catholic work of art which still draws thousands of visitors from around the world into English Martyrs Catholic Church in West Sussex to see the finished Sistine Chapel Reproduction. 

In 1993, sign writer Gary Bevans completed the only known copy of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel Ceiling on the roof of his local Sussex parish church. In this film he takes us through the whole process of the painting from his inspiring trip to Rome in 1987 to its completion five and a half years later. With never-before-seen footage from Gary's own video camera, which he kept on the scaffolding tower, a variety of photographs, interviews and details, the viewer will see the ceiling as it was before any painting began, watch Prophets appear from nowhere, visit the tower and tour the church, see Old Testament scenes and figures and astonishing architectural details painted directly onto the roof and so much more.  The narration is by the artist and the film was produced in 2007 by his family.

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The film runs for 50 minutes and is available worldwide on Region Free DVD.

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