Joan of Arc: Fidei Defensor, DVD


Saint Joan of Arc:

Oftentimes, betrayals of the faithful come from those inside the Church.


Pope Saint Pius X prophetically said of St Joan of Arc: “Joan of Arc has shone like a new star, destined to be the glory not only of France but of the Universal Church as well.”


St Joan was called to go ‘forward boldly’ against the English oppressors of France. She held a banner bearing the names of Jesus and Mary and led the charge in a key battle that would be the decisive turning point in the 100 years’ war. But Joan’s battle was not only to win military victories. The war was for souls. She had to face corrupt clergy in high positions within the Catholic Church that would see her betrayed, denounced a heretic and Martyred. 

 A Saint for our times, Joan loved our lady and the Latin Mass, was a soldier of God and a fearless defender of the Faith. St Therese of Lisieux felt very close to Joan, living in the heart of the Church and participating in Christ’s suffering for the world’s salvation, and Pope Benedict XVI called Joan’s spirituality ‘profoundly Christocentric and Marian’.

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Fidei Defensor runs for 45 minutes and is available worldwide on Region Free DVD.

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