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Saint Richard Gwyn:

One of the great Elizabethan Catholic defenders of the Faith during the persecutions of the Catholic Church in Britain by the Protestant government, Saint Richard Gwyn was a teacher, writer and family man from Wales, also known as Richard White.

He had a fervent love for the Catholic Faith and was outspoken in defence of the Church, using poetry, song and rhyme, like the Welsh bards of old, to defend the Truths and disparage heresies. He loved his Welsh heritage and his country and was ingenious, witty and bold in his consistent rejection of the State Church.

In his early years, under immense pressure from the authorities, he relented on one occasion and attended a Protestant Service, hoping for a quiet life, but as he left the church a great flock of crows swooped down upon him and attacked him. Saint Richard was shocked and filled with remorse at having betrayed Our Lord and from then on was unwavering in his fidelity to the Church.

He married a good Catholic woman and together they raised a family of six children while Saint Richard worked as a teacher. They had to move around, sometimes staying in barns, as the authorities hunted Saint Richard who was a bane upon the anti-Catholic regime of the Protestant government.

Saint Richard was fined huge amounts of money for not attending the Protestant services. On one occasion Saint Richard was arrested for outstanding fines and forced to listen to a Protestant sermon in chains at the foot of the pulpit. He rattled the chains so loudly and sang and heckled over the sermon that the vicar was humiliated in his erroneous preaching. On another occasion Saint Richard was placed in the stocks and lectured to by another vicar but cheerfully refuted everything that was said, causing more public embarrassment to the enemies of the Catholic Church in Elizabethan Wales.

Eventually, Saint Richard was caught, imprisoned and brought to an unjust trial. Despite his eloquent defence of the Faith, the jury had been bought and Saint Richard was sentenced to death. When the time for his sentencing came, one of the judges lost his voice and the other went temporarily blind! Saint Richard prepared wonderfully for his execution, with peace, calm and cheerfulness, kissing twelve red ribbons to be left as relics and forgiving the jailer and the jailerís wife who were distraught at the thought of Saint Richardís execution.

Saint Richard met his wife and children as he was led to the gallows at Wrexham market square and blessed them kindly, giving them encouragement and cheer. He gave a stirring speech at the gallows and died a Catholic Martyr, canonised in 1970 as one of the 40 Martyrs of England and Wales. His example is a great inspiration for today.

Learn the inspiring life, mission, heroic defence of the Catholic Faith and martyrdom of Saint Richard Gwyn in a film that has been internationally praised for not only presenting details, information and facts but a prayerful and spiritual film experience.

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Saint Richard Gwyn runs for 40 minutes and is available worldwide on Region Free DVD Format.

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