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  • 31 Catechetical Films 6 DVD Box Set

    31 Catechetical Films 6 DVD Box Set

    An exclusive 6 disc box set new from Mary’s Dowry Productions featuring 6 DVDs with 5, 6 or 7 short Catechetical films or biographies and 1 featured film of particular interest for Confirmation or First Holy Communion, RCIA Programs.
  • 42 Saints Films Box Set - Lives of the Saints 6 DVDs

    42 Saints Films Box Set - Lives of the Saints 6 DVDs

    With a combined runtime of approximately 200 minutes, these 42 minimovies have been especially produced for confirmation candidates to help choose a patron Saint. They would also be a welcome resource to any family, school, seminary, parish or home library. Informative, relevant, inspiring and Catholic, ’42 Saints films’ bring together a collection of 42 Saint biographies in simple, clear and enjoyable mini-movies by Mary’s Dowry Productions.
  • Dominic Barberi

    Dominic Barberi

    Dominic Barberi was given the religious name of Father Dominic of the Mother of God and is known as the Shepherd of the Second Spring and an Apostle to England. He is an important figure in the history of the Church, especially for today.
  • Don Bosco, Saint, Salesian

    Don Bosco, Saint, Salesian

    Saint John Bosco, also known as Don Bosco, was shown numerous visions relating to sin, our eternal destination and the realities of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory. As well as dedicating his life to educating young people correctly in the Catholic Faith, this Italian priest led a powerful life of prayer and holiness.
  • England: The Dowry of Mary

    England: The Dowry of Mary

    The unique title of Dowry of Mary for the country of England can be traced deep into England’s Catholic past. Its significance in Our Lady’s plan for this little country, which was once known as the Island of Saints, has meaning and importance especially now, not only for Britain but for the entire Universal Church. What is the meaning of this title, its history, roots and significance?
  • Gemma Galgani, Saint, Passionist

    Gemma Galgani, Saint, Passionist

    Saint Gemma experienced the Passion of Christ every Thursday through to Friday, bore the visible stigmata and interceded for souls in a special mission as a victim soul until the end of her holy life at aged 25. In this new film about Saint Gemma Galgani we look at Saint Gemma’s extraordinary and inspiring life and mission which are especially important for Catholics in today’s world.
  • John Houghton, Saint

    John Houghton, Saint

    Saint John Houghton is an important figure for Catholic England. He was the first of the five Protomartyrs to die for the Catholic Faith in penal times in England.
  • Our Lady of Walsingham

    Our Lady of Walsingham

    Covering almost 1000 years of Catholic history and heritage in England, we look at the life of Richeldis de Faverches who was chosen by Our Lady to build an exact replica of the Holy House in Nazareth in Walsingham. It was there that a Saxon statue of Our Lady of Walsingham was housed in a shrine visited by pilgrims from all over Christendom until its destruction
  • Richard Gwyn: Defender of the Mass, Saint

    Richard Gwyn: Defender of the Mass, Saint

    One of the great Elizabethan Catholic defenders of the Faith during the persecutions of the Catholic Church in Britain by the Protestant government, he had a fervent love for the Catholic Faith and was outspoken in defence of the Church, using poetry, song and rhyme, like the Welsh bards of old, to defend the Truths and disparage heresies.

Welcome to Mary's Dowry Productions

Welcome to Mary’s Dowry Productions! Mary’s Dowry Productions is a family run Catholic film production Apostolate based in the South of England founded and run by volunteers since 2007. Our original productions are all available on Region Free DVDS worldwide in PAL and NTSC format. Mary's Dowry Productions' mission is to share the lives of the saints and English Martyrs, the beauty of the Catholic Faith and the teachings of the Church through film and music. All sales of DVDs help to produce more films. To change the currency of this website choose from the drop down menu at the bottom of the page. Many of our productions have been broadcast on EWTN: The Global Catholic Network, Sky, BBC. "An Outstanding Tribute to the Faith of Our Fathers of Mary's Dowry" - Raymond de Souza, Catholic Apologist, EWTN Host and Director of St. Gabriel Communications International.

New releases

  • All Will Be Well: Julian of Norwich  - SOUNDTRACK

    All Will Be Well: Julian of Norwich - SOUNDTRACK

    All Will Be Well is an instrumental soundtrack album taken from the film "St. Julian of Norwich: England's Mystic" by Mary's Dowry Productions. A fusion of atmospheric soundscapes, cello, strings, Celtic voices, symphonic choirs, flutes and ancient strings which create a profoundly absorbing series of tracks which build upon each other and lift the spirit into a powerful meditation on the Passion of Christ and the profound love of God.
  • Anna Maria Taigi, Blessed,

    Anna Maria Taigi, Blessed,

    Blessed Anna Maria Taigi was beatified for her life of heroic virtue. She was also a chosen soul, a mystic, prophet and victim soul who lived a life of prayer, suffering and supernatural encounters with Christ and Our Lady, the Saints and Angels in 18th and 19th century Italy. God gifted her with a mystical SUN which was ever before her eyes. In this sun she could see past, present and future events.
  • Elizabeth Prout

    Elizabeth Prout

    Drawn to Catholicism through the preaching and example of a Passionist priest and missionary to 19th century England, Blessed Dominic Barberi, Elizabeth Prout would come to be known and loved throughout England, and eventually the world, as a daughter of the Passionists and a sister of The Second Spring
  • Holy Spirit of Hope

    Holy Spirit of Hope

    Calming tracks to help you unwind and chill out, meditate and find calm of spirit focusing on the hope filled yet calming attributes of the Holy Spirit through music.
  • John Kemble, Saint

    John Kemble, Saint

    Saint John Kemble’s missionary work as a hunted Catholic priest in Reformation England lasted an incredible 53 years. He was born on the borders of Wales, trained for the priesthood abroad and returned with a powerful zeal to restore the outlawed Catholic Faith, Sacraments and holy joy to the persecuted people in England, a country that had for centuries been known as The Dowry of Mary, dedicated to the Mother of God.
  • Margaret Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, DVD

    Margaret Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, DVD

    Devotion to the sacred heart of Jesus is as old as the Church itself. It was not until the 17th century that God deigned to bring that devotion to the whole world, when love of God had grown cold.
  • Margery Kempe

    Margery Kempe

    Margery Kempe is famous for her many pilgrimages to the Holy Sites of the Faith such as Rome and Jerusalem, as well as her often shocking accounts of her relationship with Christ and Our Lady, her visions and mysticism and a devout life lived over 600 years ago in England, the Dowry of Mary.
  • Ralph Sherwin, Saint

    Ralph Sherwin, Saint

    One of three Catholic priests who were martyred at the Triple Tyburn Gallows in London 1581, Fr Ralph Sherwin was just 31 years old when he stepped up to give his life in the wake of St Edmund Campion’s heroic death.
  • The Saints Collection 8, 6 DVD Box Set

    The Saints Collection 8, 6 DVD Box Set

    An exclusive 6 disc box set new from Mary’s Dowry Productions featuring six films on the lives of six Catholic saints. Blessed Dominic Barberi, Saint John Henry Newman, Francisco of Fatima, Saint Ursula, Edel Quinn and the Legion of Mary and Saint Francis de Sales.