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Welcome to Mary's Dowry Productions

Welcome to Mary’s Dowry Productions! Mary’s Dowry Productions is a family run Catholic film production Apostolate based in the South of England founded and run by volunteers since 2007. Our original productions are all available on Region Free DVDS worldwide in PAL and NTSC format. Mary's Dowry Productions' mission is to share the lives of the saints and English Martyrs, the beauty of the Catholic Faith and the teachings of the Church through film and music. All sales of DVDs help to produce more films. To change the currency of this website choose from the drop down menu at the bottom of the page. Many of our productions have been broadcast on EWTN: The Global Catholic Network, Sky, BBC. "An Outstanding Tribute to the Faith of Our Fathers of Mary's Dowry" - Raymond de Souza, Catholic Apologist, EWTN Host and Director of St. Gabriel Communications International.

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